Customer Value Beyond Vehicle Design

A leading auto manufacturer

The auto industry has historically focused on delivering value primarily through product design. However, a major car manufacturer was interested in delivering value in addition to product design which would broaden their customer base and increase sales to more price- and time-constrained consumers. But what do consumers value and what product/service concepts create that value? RSG worked with the client to design a two-phased study that addressed these two questions.

The first phase of the project built off of qualitative work which identified what elements factored into consumer’s value. In this first phase, we quantified these customer value elements and determined the relative importance of each value element. This was done by asking qualified respondents to trade-off 50 values-based attributes and to evaluate selected brands’ performance on sub-set of attributes. We modeled and analyzed this rich choice data to reveal opportunistic areas to create value-enhancing products/services.

In the second phase of the project, we tested specific concepts that aimed to improve the most important customer values and/or address unmet needs identified in the first phase. Qualified respondents evaluated these concepts in the context of other product elements (e.g., brand, price, product features) as well as relative to the other concepts. The results of the data modeling provided insights and recommendations on which specific concepts the client should move forward with to create the most customer value.

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