Brand Benchmarking for Consumer Beverage

A leading food and beverage company

A beverage company had recently acquired a new brand and was interested in exploring this brand’s current positioning. In addition, the client was looking for feedback on how to incorporate the new brand into its existing product line. RSG worked with the client to develop a set of qualitative exercises to identify the brand’s “personality”, performance against brand equity pillars and packaging perceptions for the client’s brand and key competitors. These exercises were played out by several targeted focus groups.

The feedback from the focus groups revealed key insights into the brand’s current positioning. RSG synthesized these insights and provided specific recommendations on how the client could differentiate the brand in the context of the competitive environment and their existing product line and sales channels.

Client moved forward with developing positioning for the brand based on the study’s results. The client came back to RSG to conduct additional research to test new brand concepts and potential executions.

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