A Venn diagram illustrating the relationships between three different planning models: Sketch Planning, Activity-/Trip-/Tour-Based Model, and Integrated Model.

This image presents a Venn diagram that visually categorizes three different types of planning models. On the left, there's a large blue circle labeled “Sketch Planning” with descriptors “Quick, What-If, No Network”. Adjacent to it is a teal circle labeled “Activity-/Trip-/Tour-Based Model”, highlighting its detailed, travel-only nature. On the right side, we have the largest green circle, titled “Integrated Model”, which emphasizes its multifaceted nature, focusing on the economy, land use, and providing feedback. The interplay between these circles indicates their areas of overlap and distinctiveness in the planning realm. This diagram has been adapted from the original source provided by the Oregon DOT in 2019 and later adapted by RSG.