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2016 Vermont Development Conference

Both RSG Director John Hinckley & Senior Engineer Jon Slason are presenting at today’s Vermont Development Conference in Burlington, Vermont. John Hinckley’s presentation is on air pollution and the air permitting process. Meanwhile, Jon Slason’s presentation will be Q&A-style, focused on hot topics in transportation engineering. The conference, hosted by White + Burke, attracts over 275 development professionals from New England to discuss the future of and issues surrounding commercial development in Vermont.

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2016 Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization (AMPO) Annual Conference

RSG Senior Consultant Steve Gayle is presenting today at the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization (AMPO) Annual Conference in Fort Worth, TX. His presentation, a part of the ‘MPO Operations’ session, is about how the New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations supports staff capacity building at its member MPOs.

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RSG Director Invited to Help Develop Woodchip Heating Standard

John Hinckley, RSG’s Director of Air Quality Permitting, was recently invited to help develop a national woodchip heating standard to improve the performance, efficiency, and reliability of woodchip heating systems. He brings his expertise in emissions control and air quality permitting to the 15-member advisory committee, which represents diverse interests from across the country. The development of this standard will help improve air quality by reducing emissions from woodchip heating equipment.

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2016 Renewable Energy Vermont (REV2016) Conference

RSG Director Eddie Duncan and Co-Founder Colin High are attending the Renewable Energy Vermont 2016 conference this week in Burlington, Vermont. Organized by Renewable Energy Vermont, a nonprofit trade association, this annual forum brings together stakeholders from across the clean energy sector.

The conference highlights current energy challenges, Vermont’s leadership role in the energy industry, and the steps needed to implement an integrated energy infrastructure. RSG is proud to be a sponsor.

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2016 Arctic Circle Assembly

RSG Consultant Nathan Reigner will be speaking this weekend at the 2016 Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland. His presentation, titled “Maximizing the Benefits and Minimizing the Impacts of Tourism with Indicator-Based Adaptive Planning and Management” will be a part of the breakout session “Sensitive Northern Destinations: Tourism Management and Tourist Dispersion.”

Nathan will draw upon his expertise analyzing, planning for, and managing tourism to transfer best practices from US National Parks to destination management plans for sustainable tourism and development. test

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RSG Senior Engineer Awarded US Patent

RSG’s Karl Washburn was recently co-awarded US Patent 9,438,991, “Sound feedback system for vehicles”. This patent links autonomous “follower” agricultural equipment to a person monitoring their activity and health. Co-inventors include Karl’s former colleagues at Deere & Company – Julian Sanchez, Kristin Sullivan, and Noel Anderson.

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2016 Indiana MPO Conference

RSG Director Vince Bernardin and Consultant Steve Tuttle will present this week at the 2016 Indiana MPO Conference on big data in activity-based models and travel time reliability for travel models. We’re honored to be a sponsor of the event taking place in South Bend, Indiana from September 20-22.

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RSG Senior Engineer Speaks to BYU ASCE Chapter

RSG’s Kordel Braley spoke with Brigham Young University’s ASCE Chapter yesterday in Provo, Utah. He discussed RSG’s recent work on the Provo-Orem Transportation Improvement Project (POTIP), which will add general purpose lanes and bus rapid transit (BRT) along a congested corridor between Provo and Orem. RSG performed micro-simulation analysis, ridership forecasts, and analyzed the effects of transit signal priority (TSP).

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RSG Releases New Version of rMove™

The latest version of RSG’s smartphone-based travel survey app, rMove™, was recently released to the Google Play and iTunes stores. This latest update, Version 2.3, debuts rMove’s new branding and includes updates such as user interface upgrades, proxy reporting for children, and in-app help.

This release was planned in advance of the Ohio Moves Transportation Survey which launched yesterday. The data collected through rMove will be used to inform travel forecasting models and ultimately inform ODOT’s future investments in transportation.

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NHDOT Releases Bike-Ped Guide

The NHDOT recently released “Your Guide to Promoting Walking and Bicycling Accommodations in New Hampshire.” RSG worked with the NHDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Advisory Committee (BPTAC) to develop the guide. It is designed to help anyone interested in improving the conditions for bicycling and walking in their communities by providing useful information on how and when to get involved in projects, and the various ways a project can be initiated, planned, and built, as well as reasons why someone should care about bicycling and walking.

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