The aviation industry is large, complex and rapidly changing. The industry has been a pioneer in the use of “big data” and sophisticated tools to support planning, management and operations. RSG’s analytical and modeling capabilities, deep understanding of the transportation market and high-end software engineering are ideally suited to the many complex aviation applications and we have worked with clients in all major segments of the industry, including: aircraft equipment manufacturers, airports, airlines, reservations and ticketing systems, airport access services, co-branded financial services, and federal transportation agencies.
RSG has directed several high-profile projects for the National Academies’ Airport Cooperative Research Program addressing multiple topics, including innovative methods for addressing airport capacity issues, airport access, and the estimation of air passengers’ implied values of travel time savings. We have also conducted planning studies for many of the major U.S. airports and port authorities and are currently under contract with U.S. DOT to develop a national model of long-distance passenger travel markets.
We have helped airlines design loyalty programs, assess the financial impacts of different airline service models, and develop new service models. We have also worked with aircraft manufacturers and airlines to optimize aircraft configurations and our software engineering team has working with a major industry partner to implement models of global air services. In addition, we administer our own biennial U.S. domestic air passenger survey to understand details of how travelers are responding to changes in air service and the economy. The insights from this longitudinal work and multi-faceted client work provide us with a unique perspective on the industry.