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Market Research Analyst: Mobility
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Accounts Receivable
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Discrete Choice Modeler
Chicago, IL / White River Junction, VT / Burlington, VT view details & apply »
Market Insights Analyst
Chicago, IL view details & apply »
Software Engineer
White River Junction, VT view details & apply »
Research Director: Travel Behavior
Arlington, VA view details & apply »
Transportation Analyst / Data Scientist
San Diego, CA view details & apply »
Travel Modeler / Data Scientist
Arlington, VA / Chicago, IL / Evansville, IN view details & apply »
Field Technician
Multiple Field Locations view details & apply »
Data Analyst: Travel Behavior
Arlington VA view details & apply »
Data Engineer
White River Junction, VT view details & apply »
Research Project Manager: Travel Behavior
Arlington, VA view details & apply »
Other Opportunities
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Internship Opportunities
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We cultivate a healthy work/life balance, open communication, and satisfying career opportunities.

RSG is an employee-owned consulting firm that applies creative state-of-the-art modeling and analytics to transportation planning, market strategy, environmental management, and custom software development to help our clients make critical strategic decisions with confidence.

At RSG, you will thrive on solving problems and you will have opportunities to work on a variety of projects with multiple challenges and responsibilities. Our culture attracts and retains professionals who are passionate about learning, team building, and making positive contributions to our clients’ projects, our communities, and the environment we all share. We all enjoy excellent employment benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Please include a brief cover letter explaining your qualifications and your current situation. Include how you could contribute to our organization and your expectations for this position. Due to file size limitations, please save your cover letter and your resume in the same document and then upload.

RSG is an equal-opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Please contact our HR team if you experience technical difficulties with the application process -