b'Forecasting Tools in a Time of Uncertainty and DisruptionStrategic models produce several performanceoutputs and the scenario viewer tool. This tool within measure outputs that practitioners can use toVisionEval groups various input files into categories identify high-return policies and the effects of variousand can visually identify which input variables may be infrastructure and land-use changes. Key outputsresponsible for the output desired.include vehicle miles traveled, travel costs per household, and energy consumed and greenhouse gasThe future land-use and demographic conditions, emissions. Table 5 shows one of many possible sets ofpolicies, and investments that best align with the VERSPM standard output metrics summarized at theregional goals are then refined and fed into the regional level. planning process as shown in Figure 3. Incorporating strategic models can streamline the scenario planning Users can evaluate the effects of specific policiesprocess by identifying the highest-return policies or investment decisions by reviewing tabular modeland investments that practitioners can further model TABLE 4.VISIONEVAL INPUTSCHANGES IN DEMOGRAPHICSLOCAL POLICY ACTIONS CHANGES IN TRANSPORTATION AND LAND USE AND PRICING SUPPLYChanges in population &Parking pricing programs Changes in freeway & arterialdemographics Demand management policies lane milesChanges in average income per capita Suitability for active transportation Powertrain proportions for light-duty, Changes in employment Diversion of SOV trips by bikes,transit, & heavy-duty vehicles (by ICE, Changes in the proportion of housese-scooters, or other personal modes HEV, & PEV)located in mixed-use and unprotectedRoad cost recovery Ride-hailing & carsharing availability, areas available for development Congestion fees substitutability, & access timeResidential & workplace PEV chargingPay-as-you-go insurance & other Amount of regional transit serviceinfrastructure road fees ITS strategies for freeways & arterialsVMT feeNotes:HEVHybrid-Electric VehicleICEInternal Combustion EngineITSIntelligent Transportation Systems PEV Plug-in Electric VehicleSOVSingle-Occupancy Vehicle VMTVehicle Miles TraveledSource: VisionEval Project, 2019TABLE 5.STANDARD STRATEGIC MODEL OUTPUT METRICSVERSPM PERFORMANCE METRICSDaily VMT per capitaMobility Daily walk trips per capitaDaily bike trips per capitaAnnual all-vehicle delay per capita (hours)Annual household parking costsEconomyAnnual household vehicle operating costAnnual household ownership costsResidents living in mixed-use areasLand UseHousing typesAnnual GHG emissions per capitaHousehold vehicle GHG per mileEnvironmentalCommercial vehicle GHG per mileTransit vehicle GHG per mileAnnual all-vehicle fuel consumption per capita (gallons)EnergyAverage all-vehicle fuel efficiency (net MPG)Notes: GHGGreenhouse GasMPGMiles per GallonVMTVehicle Miles TraveledSource: VisionEval Project, 201982020 RSG'