b'Forecasting Tools in a Time of Uncertainty and DisruptionThe latter enhancement allows users to employ the VisionEval Rapid Policy Assessment Tool two conjointly in scenario planning. Practitioners can(VERPAT). The RPAT model was merged into use EERPAT to screen multiple policy scenarios, whilethe VisionEval framework as VERPAT. This model MOVES can perform more detailed modeling for aoperates at a regional level using place types to small subset. distinguish between different development types and land uses within the region. Operating at the FHWA also developed the Rapid Policy Assessmentplace-type level allows VERPAT to capture detailed Tool (RPAT) using the GreenSTEP codebase, althoughinteractions between transportation and land use more substantial revisions were made than withwhile simplifying the input data requirements and EERPAT. RPAT functions at the regional level and wasminimizing run times. designed to help practitioners evaluate the effects VisionEval Regional Strategic Planning Modelof smart growth policies on regional travel demand.(VERSPM). RSPM was brought into the common Compared to ODOTs regional model of GreenSTEPsoftware framework as VERSPM. VERSPM models (Regional Strategic Planning Model, or RSPM), RPATthe region in zones, similar to traditional travel uses the distinction between types of land use andanalysis zones. By using inputs at the zonal level, calculates household travel based on the place typeVERSPM outputs more detailed results in terms of (Table 2) in which the household is located rather thanspatial resolution compared to VERPAT, but it alsocalculating individual household vehicle ownership. requires more effort to develop the input data.VISIONEVAL STRATEGIC MODELING SYSTEMVEState. The VEState model is the most recentaddition to the suite of VisionEval models and the The GreenSTEP family of models evolved on an ad-hoconly one that functions at the state level.basis. FHWA and ODOT codeveloped the VisionEvalIt uses zones, often at the county level, forframework, which formalized a common structure forsubarea analysis.all GreenSTEP-related models and created a software system to support implementing that structure.The selection of the right tool depends on the spatial VisionEval is the open-source platform that nowlevel of analysis, the types of policies and investment includes RSPM and RPAT, as well as an expandeddecisions requiring evaluation, and the desired level of statewide RSPM version, VEState. VisionEval isinput and output detail. maintained and available on GitHub. Each model is briefly summarized in Table 3 and as follows:TABLE 2.PLACE TYPES USED IN RPATREGIONAL ROLE (AREA TYPES)URBAN CORE CLOSE-IN SUBURBAN RURALCOMMUNITYResidentialNeighborhood Character(Development)CommercialMixed-UseTransit-Oriented DevelopmentRural/GreenfieldSource: Oregon DOT/Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, 2020 (adapted by RSG)62020 RSG'