Margaret Campbell


Since joining RSG in 2004, Margaret has specialized in market research studies for transit agencies. She has significant expertise in onboard origin-destination studies, customer satisfaction studies, attitudinal surveys, qualitative research projects, and stated preference studies for agencies nationwide. Margaret has recently managed market research projects for NY MTA, Chicago’s RTA, Chicago Transit Authority, Metra, Pace Bus, Sound Transit, NJ TRANSIT, Northeast Corridor Commission, Utah Transit Authority, GoTriangle, and the Charlotte Area Transit System.

Prior to joining RSG, Margaret studied survey research methods and social psychology. She now strives to bring these methods and theories into practice on transit market research projects. Margaret’s expertise in survey methods, project management, and analytics allows her to design creative, cost effective, and methodologically sound studies that produce actionable results for her clients.

Margaret enjoys cooking and lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, daughter, and French Bulldog, Elmer.

MA in Social Sciences, University of Chicago
BA in Psychology and in Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota

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