Transportation Planning & Engineering

Transit forecasting

RSG’s transit forecasting services help clients develop projections of transit ridership in support of strategic and project planning initiatives. Our clients include state, local, and federal agencies and our forecasts are distinguished by a commitment to develop reliable estimates of future ridership that are grounded in a thorough understanding of existing and future markets. Our approach allows decision-makers to understand how existing travel patterns will evolve as a region grows and as its transit system is improved.

We work closely with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the insights that we have gained are applied in our local agency work to help streamline the process of federal review and concurrence. We are leaders in both developing effective, data-driven forecasting solutions that use travel market data to directly forecast future transit trip making, and the FTA’s new Simplified Trips on Project Software (STOPS), which RSG developed. Both approaches can avoid the process required to develop and validate a model that satisfies FTA guidance. In cases where a conventional model-based solution is most appropriate, we have experience in adjusting these tools to validate against existing markets within the requirements of FTA guidance on model structures.

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