Environmental Permitting & Management

Acoustics & noise control

RSG’s noise control engineering and architectural acoustics work helps clients to research and evaluate noise impacts, design for good acoustics, and develop sensible mitigation / optimization plans. We are unique among acoustical consultants in our ability to integrate relevant capabilities outside of traditional acoustical analyses (e.g., advanced statistical approaches, advanced websites and communication tools, surveying, analytical modeling, and software development) as well as a range of industry experience. We often work with businesses, governments, and community organizations to research and evaluate noise pollution that can range from a transient nuisance to a significant health and safety hazard, affecting quality of life and productivity. We also have significant experience working with designers, architects, and planners to create a variety of optimum aural environments appropriate for myriad building types, including private residences, public and commercial buildings, or special-use facilities where poor acoustics can greatly compromise and interfere with people’s everyday aural experiences.