Vehicle Design for Emerging Markets

A leading auto manufacturer

A major auto manufacturer was looking to design a car that would be attractive in three emerging markets. More specifically, they wanted to know which car attributes (e.g., fuel economy, cargo space) and which features (e.g., sunroof, power locks) consumers prefer in each market and how these preferences varied across markets.

RSG worked with the client to survey qualifying recent car purchasers and new car intenders in the three markets. The study participants were asked to evaluate different attribute combinations through an online discrete choice exercise. Preferences for features were collected through a MaxDiff exercise and supporting attitudinal and demographic information was collected to profile the participants.

The attribute and feature choice data were modeled to reveal some key differences and similarities in relative preferences across the markets. In addition, we ran latent class analysis with the attribute data which resulted in some helpful insights into preferences within certain subgroups.

The client used the study results primarily to inform the design team on which attributes and features to prioritize. However, the study results also helped to provide some foundational data to inform the product’s go-to-market strategy.

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