Value Proposition Development

A leading industrial equipment manufacturer

Prior work with the RSG team had alerted our client to the growing problem it faced with an increasingly undistinguished and inconsistent positioning within its core business-to-business market. While our client was generally viewed as performing reasonably well in most areas, it lacked any areas of clear leadership. In addition, there was a lack of consistent focus across product lines that resulted in some attempting to differentiate in entirely different areas than others. The result from customers’ perspectives was that our client’s brand was seen as lacking any consistent or compelling value proposition that would set it apart from competitors in a meaningful way.

The RSG team worked closely with the client on an in-depth engagement to define a clear and compelling value proposition that became the consistent point of emphasis in all marketing messages as well as all product development efforts across its many lines. The engagement started with an exploratory phase to define the potential value proposition components, moved to a quantitative phase that identified the most highly valued “open space” that was not already strongly owned by a competitor, and culminated with senior leadership workshops to prioritize the final value proposition by combining internal criteria with the external analysis. The resulting value proposition became a cornerstone of the client’s strategies moving forward and has played a critical role in the growth it has since achieved within the mature market in which it competes.

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