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As technologies and travel behavior evolve, so should the way in which we study and plan for the future. We are committed to innovating methodologies to better inform travel planning in a mobile and autonomous vehicle world.

Lessons on Mode Choice from the Becak Business

Greg Spitz is a Senior Director at RSG with decades of experience researching transit. Prior to joining RSG, he operated his own becak business

For Whom the Road Tolls: A Glimpse Into the Future of Road Pricing in America

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered long-standing dynamics of travel behavior across the United States. Though few facets of travel and transportation funding remain

3 Transportation Revenue Trends We’re Tracking as the Economy Recovers

As the United States eases into a recovery and reopening, it is tempting to forget just how sudden and precipitous the drop in travel

RSG’s National Panel Survey Offers Insights Into Travel Behavior Changes Caused by COVID-19

RSG launched a nationally representative, longitudinal panel survey to reveal the immediate and lasting effects of COVID-19 on travel behaviors in the United States

Meeting the Challenges of Responsible Recreation and Tourism During COVID-19

In recent years, national parks, public recreation areas, and open spaces in the United States have seen dramatic increases in visitation. These trends, which

3 Ways Transit Operators Can Reassure Travelers and Reclaim Ridership Lost During the Pandemic

By 2019, after years of declining ridership and much speculation as to the cause, transit use began increasing in regions such as New York

Responding to External Change Requires Resilience and Perspective

Several years ago, I visited a city that had been ravaged by a devastating storm. Much of the nearby infrastructure had been destroyed and

COVID-19 and the Rise of Remote Work

With more than 300 million Americans subject to some type of state or local stay-at-home order meant to combat the spread of COVID-19, transportation

Update: Travel Surveys in the Time of COVID-19

Life in the United States and around the world has rapidly changed since RSG first offered suggestions for transportation and planning agencies conducting travel

Calculating the Climate Cost of Drone Delivery

Drones, which until just recently have been associated with either military applications or hobbyist pursuits, have become serious players in the commercial delivery space.   The rapid ascendency of drones was brought into focus when, in

Travel Surveys in the Time of COVID-19

The rise in cases of COVID-19, which is the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, across the United States has raised important and unique

The Surprising Connection Between Mount Everest and Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome

Steve Lawson’s 7,000-mile journey to Nepal began with a single photo and a realization. In May 2019, the New York Times published an article

Why Your Agency Needs a Future Mobility Plan

A future mobility plan (FMP) can help metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), cities, and states prepare for and respond to technological transformations. These transformations, many of which are underway, are changing how people and

Wading Into the Comments Section

Over the course of 20 years, RSG has designed hundreds of advanced online and mobile survey instruments to collect quantitative data for clients. We

Will 2020 Be the Year of the Electric Moped?

E-scooter company Scoot recently rolled out a new vehicle called the Scoot Cruiser in Los Angeles, marking the latest in a series of announcements