Some of our academic partners have joined the RSG team as “Senior Technical Advisors” and often participate in client project work.


In addition to collaborating with universities, we also work with educational institutions as clients.

We have remained true to our academic roots. RSG actively collaborates with influential academic thought leaders at distinguished universities on a regular and recurring basis.

Founded by professors, RSG has a unique relationship with the academic community. We are fully engaged in the development and review of new methodologies through joint publications, peer reviews, and guest lectures and presentations. Our relationship with university scholars sparks innovation, and is a two-way relationship in which RSG brings new methods developed in academia to our clients’ real-world situations, and academia benefits from the results of these practical applications. This intellectual connection ensures our methods and findings are fully vetted in both theory and reality, and it provides our clients with opportunities to align themselves with world-class academic thought leaders.

Arizona State University
Boston College
Carnegie Mellon
Colorado State University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern)
Middlebury College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Texas A&M
Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth)
University of Colorado, Boulder
University of Florida
University of Leeds
University of Texas, Austin
University of Vermont
University of Washington