Environmental Permitting & Management

Air quality & greenhouse gas assessments

RSG’s air quality professionals help clients evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from both mobile and stationary sources to understand and achieve compliance with complex air pollution control regulations. At a macro-economic level, we create tools that allow policy makers to evaluate the impact of certain policy changes (e.g., land-use and road improvements) on air quality. At the micro-economic level, we work on specific projects that include mobile (e.g., vehicles) and stationary (e.g., smokestack) sources. We are national leaders in the use of the EPA’s MOVES model for analyzing the impact of mobile emissions—a service that enables us to provide excellent supporting analysis for Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) grant applications. In addition, RSG’s work includes permitting and calculating avoided emissions, or life-cycle emissions, reductions due to the implementation of renewable energy sources.